Utrecht Centre for

Pharmaceutical Policy and Regulation

PhD Programme

The Utrecht Centre for Pharmaceutical Policy and Regulation offers an international high quality PhD-programme for professionals with several years of relevant work experience. The unique format of the programme combines academic research and public health practice requiring candidates to use their work experience, data and policy issues as input for their PhD-thesis. The Utrecht Centre is a leading platform for independent multidisciplinary research which links drug regulation, pharmacoepidemiology, public health and policy analysis. The Centre is based at the Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Clinical Pharmacology of Utrecht University in the Netherlands, an internationally acclaimed research institute. The Division has strong ties with many other partners at the national and international level.

Research Themes
The work of the Centre concentrates on the design and evaluation of pharmaceutical policies with a focus on Global Health and Drug Regulatory Science. Work of the applicant should be in this field. Applicants with (research) experience in these fields are especially invited to apply. As of October 2017, 27 professional PhDs are enrolled in the programme. A list of all participants can be found here.

More information
Please read the flyer to learn more about the programme, what we offer and what type of candidates we are looking for: PhD programme professionals 2020

Applications can be submitted before 1 July 2020 to Iris Joosse (i.r.joosse@uu.nl). Please use the Checklist PhD programme 2020 to ensure that your application is complete.