Utrecht Centre for

Pharmaceutical Policy and Regulation

March 5th, 2020

Wintermeeting 2020 – Burden of disease and pharmaceutical policy

Last month the WHO CC for Pharmaceutical Policy and Regulation organized another successful Winter Meeting. We had over 100 participants coming from various professional backgrounds, organizations and countries. On the first day we had a plenary session focused around “Burden of disease: do pharmaceutical policies respond effectively”. The presentations held covered the different challenges in policy making and the implication for health systems and medicines supply when it comes to the shift in burden of disease. Presentations of the day can be found through the following link.

On the second day, (young) researchers were given the opportunity to discuss their work with peers in the fields of regulatory science, access to medicines and pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement. These interactive presentation sessions led to multiple fruitful discussions. We sincerely hope that these discussions will contribute to bringing pharmaceutical policy analyses and evidence-based policy making on pharmaceuticals to a higher level.